ScienceDB (Science Data Bank) is independently developed by the Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and it launched in 2015. ScienceDB is committed to creating an international, public and common infrastructure for the long-term sharing and publishing of research data. ScienceDB provides data publishing and data access services for international academia, academic journals and publishers. ScienceDB publishes high-quality research data in line with mainstream data standards, aiming to promote the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability (FAIR principle) of research data, enhance the value of research data, serve the construction of high-quality journals, and promote the benign development of data sharing culture in China.
2022 2021 2020 2019 2015
  • ScienceDB was selected as the 2021 Network Security and Informatization Memorabilia of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • The second “ScienceDB Scientific Data Award” was announced.
  • Indexed by BASE. The data published on ScienceDB can be retrieved in BASE for reuse by researchers around the world.
  • ScienceDB joins the organizations list of The TRUST Principles. ScienceDB is the first Chinese data repository to join this list.
  • ScienceDB became the Member of DataCite to advocate the sharing and reuse of scientific data in the international academic frontier.
  • ScienceDB was included in the 2021 Annual Journal Audit Assessment Index of China National Press and Publication Administration.
  • ScienceDB undertakes the project of "Supporting Service for Submission of Paper Related Data" of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and assists the establishment of data policies, the association system between papers and data.
  • ScienceDB has established the cooperative and co-construction relations with 19 national scientific data centers.
  • ScienceDB was written into press conference on pursuing the innovation-driven development strategy to build a country strong in science and technology.
  • Indexed by Dimensions.
  • ScienceDB has become the recommended data repository of Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).
  • ScienceDB enters the OpenAIRE global open science ecosystem.
  • ScienceDB and Figshare Achieve Resource Mirror Cooperation.
  • ScienceDB enters the library resource pool of Purdue University.