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What are the features of Data Community?

ScienceDB provides Data Community service based on SaaS mode.

A Data Community owns an independent data portal and is responsed by a community administrator. The administrator owns right of data curation and community operation.
  • Reliable Service

    Provide stable and reliable data storage and publishing services

    Third level protection scheme basic environment

    Hierarchical security management and regular backups

    Trusted record of version iteration

    Integrity verification and tamper prevention mechanisms

    Multidimensional monitoring

    7 * 24-hour monitoring

  • Iterative Upgrade

    Iterative optimization of community functions

    Friendly interface, convenient and easy-to-use functions

    Page prompt information, standardized auxiliary filling, influence tracking and related paper maintenance

    Data policies are constantly updated

    Diversified data licenses and data citations

    A complete data publishing process

  • International Communication

    Recommended by international publishers and journals

    The journals under Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, Cell Press, Elsevier and AGU

    Included on international communication platforms

    Data Citation Index, Google Dataset Search, Scopus, Mendeley Data, BASE, DataCite, Dimensions, OpenAIRE and Scholix

  • Data Synchronization

    Provide data interfaces, and community data supports on-demand synchronization with users

    Metadata, open access data files

    Data statistics

    Track global influence such as data citation situation

    Archived data can be pushed to the data community

How to Build a Data Community

Steps for Building a Data Community

If you have any questions about the data community, please contact us: sciencedb@cnic.cn

1 Download and fill out the Data Community Needs Collection Form

2 After completing the form, send it to ScienceDB official email: sciencedb@cnic.cn

3 After the data community construction is completed, ScienceDB will contact you

Data Community Needs Collection Form (Journal)

Data Community Needs Collection Formb (Institution)