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Academic journals have increasing requirements for the academic integrity of papers and the repeatability of scientific experiments. The depositing and sharing of paper related data has become an effective way for academic journals to ensure the quality of papers and increase paper citations. In order to help academic journals quickly and conveniently form data policy for depositing & sharing paper related data, Science Data Bank (ScienceDB) has launched a journal data policy customized service.

This customized service is based on a set of paper related data sharing policy templates (http://cstr.cn/31253.11.sciencedb.02343) formulated by Science Data Bank (ScienceDB), which includes the Meaning of Paper Related Data Sharing, the Type & Requirement of Paper Related Data, Data Standard and Format, Data License, the Method of Data Sharing, Data Review, Data Availability Statement, Data Citation, Help and Support.

This template can meet the different strengths of data sharing policies. In terms of data sharing method, it supports mandatory or encouraged sharing; in terms of data review, it supports stylistic review or substantive review, journal review or storage platform review. The template also has good extensibility. Based on the options provided by the existing templates, it supports the independent expansion of data format requirements and data use license agreements. The service also supports online preview of policy templates and exporting policy templates to Word.

Please follow the instructions on the page below to start the first step of depositing & sharing the paper related data!

1. The Significance of Paper Related Data Sharing
2. Types and Requirements of the Paper Related Data
Choose One Option:
3. Preferred File Format
4. Data License
5. Data Sharing Method
6. Data Review
The Mode of Data Curation:
Data Curator:
The Stage of Data Submission:
7. Data Availability Statement
8. Data Citation
Whether the journal has a mandatory data citation format:
9. Help and Support
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